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Are you ready to refresh your bathroom but your budget is a bit tight? When inspiration strikes (often after watching one of my favorite HGTV shows), you should plot a plan of attack. Easy to do bathroom updates can make a big difference in how your bathroom looks and functions.  From fresh paint to window film, you can make your bathroom feel like a new room. Here are some tried and true bathroom updates.

  • Deep clean your bathroom to shine up existing fixtures, counters, vanity, flooring and walls. Cost is a little elbow grease and cleaning supplies!
  • Caulk around your tub and shower. Around $25 for waterproof caulk and caulk gun.
  • Paint the walls a different color for an instant refresh. According to the Huffington Post, gray is the new neutral for bathrooms; a super foundation for accessories in just about any color. $25 to $100 depending upon bathroom size and paint selection.
  • Replace towels and rug. New towels quickly perk up the space. Cost can fit any budget.
  • Spruce up your existing cabinetry with new hardware – knobs and pulls. A new knob can cost as little as $3 each.
  • Install a new faucet in your sink or bathtub; make sure you turn off the water before you begin!  $50 and up.
  • Add privacy to your shower with decorative window film. Whether it’s a band across the middle or the entire shower, LLumar® Decorative Window Film helps transform your bathroom into a tranquil setting. Contact your local dealer for more information.
  • Anchor a decorative towel bar or hook for a distinct yet functional accent. $15 and up.
  • Hang a framed mirror, which can make the space appear larger. Home furnishings retailers usually have a wide selection. $20 and up.
  • Add a piece of furniture for a sophisticated touch. A small table, chair, or stool instantly warms up a bathroom and reveals your personal style. Before you buy anything, however, look around your home for the perfect piece. Otherwise buy something you love!