When you think about your building’s most vulnerable aspects, do you think about windows? Here’s why you should: They offer an easy point of entrance, can be obvious targets for vandals, and allow outsiders to see who’s inside the building (and where they are).

Access control solutions, security cameras, and intrusion detection technology are important layers in a commercial building’s safety program. But investing in security window film (also called “safety window film”) can offer protection that more traditional security systems often can’t – protection from shards of flying glass upon impact. Whether breakage occurs as a result of a storm, vandalism, an active shooter situation, or even just an accident, it can cause major damage to the people and assets inside the building.

With the protection of security window film, shattered glass remains largely intact, preventing it from becoming airborne.

Security window film also provides other safety benefits. If someone is trying to enter your building through a window by breaking the glass, security film may increase the amount of time it takes to actually complete the task. In some cases, it may encourage criminals to stop trying if they experience a few failed attempts at breaking the window. This extra time allows building occupants to respond and seek shelter or evacuate in an emergency situation.

To see what a difference security window film can make, check out this 30-second video. A bomb blast test demonstrates how it can protect people and property in a blast situation by helping hold glass shards in place.

Many security films also reduce the amount of visual light transmission, preventing intruders and people outside the building from seeing things or people inside – especially when interior lights are off.

If you’re looking for ways to better secure the exterior of your commercial building, security window film is a solution to consider. Integrating it as part of your commercial building’s overall safety and security plan may help control possible building intrusion and damage.