Are you considering adding window film to your home? Or are you simply curious about the basics and benefits of window film? We have the answers you need to make an informed choice about what works best for your home and lifestyle.

What is it?        

First, the basics. Window film is a sheet of strong polyester laminate treated in variety of ways to improve the look and performance of existing windows. One side has a scratch-resistant coating and the other has an adhesive that bonds to the glass window. It is most commonly applied to the interior side of windows. There are two main categories of residential window film: professional film that can be purchased from a certified and trained installer and do-it-yourself window film that can be purchased at major home centers. This blog post explores the professionally installed window films. The installation process for those films is relatively hassle-free (mess-free, too), and takes a professional about 15 minutes per window.

What are the Benefits?

Window film isn’t a product that belongs only in fancy designer houses or large commercial buildings. Its benefits extend equally to private residences of every shape, size and value. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 15% of the average home’s wall space is composed of glass, which is a very poor insulator. The majority of a home’s utility bills are spent in energy costs from untreated windows.  By adding a thin, virtually invisible addition to your home’s existing windows, window film can help you save up to 50% on cooling costs.

In addition to saving energy and reducing utility costs, window film basically adds another layer onto your windows, which can aid in blocking glare, keeping out Ultraviolet rays, and preventing fading of floors and furniture. Safety window film can also provide an extra layer of security for your home by helping to protect people and furnishings from the flying shards of glass that cause a majority of injury and damage during a storm.  

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