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Make your truck stand out on the road. Visit Cutting Edge Tint Audio Accessories for truck bed covers, steps and other accessories. We’ve been selling top-notch truck accessories to Tyler, TX drivers for over 50 years. 

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Cutting Edge Tint Audio Accessories in Tyler, TX is your best bet for truck:

  • Bed covers
  • Shields
  • Steps
  • Visors
  • Lights

We take pride in carrying a variety of accessories that will make your ride look better than ever. We offer competitive pricing on all of our accessories. 

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Cutting Edge Tint Audio and Accessories in Tyler, TX is your best bet for truck lift kits and leveling kits from some of the following industry leading companies:

  • Rough Country
  • Ready Lift

When it comes to off-road adventures, no system in your vehicle is as important as its suspension. Superior suspension systems that truck and Jeep owners enjoy provides an experience that’s hard to beat. Your vehicles may be built stock to withstand rough, off-road terrain for extended periods of time, but sometimes plowing through mudholes and scrambling over boulders can take its toll. If hand-picking the perfect part for your vehicle is important for you, we have good news. At Cutting Edge Tint, Audio and accessories, we pride ourselves in having one of the strongest understandings of lift kits on the market today.  Our knowledgable staff has years of experience working with multiple brand names across countless vehicles.

We understand the value of selecting the perfect lift kit for your vehicle, so we make sure we’re your best resource in Tyler for finding the right lift kit for your vehicle that helps achieve the look you’re looking for from front to back. If industry knowledge isn’t enough for you, we also offer the best prices on lift kit installation in Tyler and the surrounding area.

Our lift kit installation offers the best in quality with confidence from buying your next lift kit from industry leaders.  If you desire, you can hand pick your own shocks. Our team can help with technical questions about lift kits to ensure you get what you want.

A lift kit for your pickup truck can provide high clearance, off-road capability and quiet and dependable driving on main roads. So, come by today and let’s discuss how we can help you find the right lift kit for your vehicle!

Whether you want to lift your truck’s suspension for oversized tires or significantly upgrade the hauling and towing ability of your Jeep, suspension leveling kits are affordable, durable and fully adjustable. Modifying the built-in stance of lower front end factory vehicles is easily done to give your vehicle the level look while also improving drivability. Take advantage of exceptional value by treating your vehicle to a leveling kit from top manufacturers.